We plan to return partly to in-person talks. These talks will be held in the interim lecture hall B 0.32 at MPQ and can additionally be attended online. Some talks remain online only.

2G regulations apply to in-person talks, i.e. every time you wish to participate in person, you will have to prove, e.g. with the CovPass-App, that you are vaccinated or recovered. Whether facemasks have to be worn inside the lecture hall will be decided on short notice. In any case, you will need a medical facemask in the hallway. Audience not affiliated with MPQ are welcome to join in person as long as they meet 2G criteria.

Details on how to participate online are distributed via the mailing lists [wiss-mpq] and [Mpq-colloquium-stream]. To receive this information, please register using the adjacent link.

Scientific organization of the talks:  Dr. Stephan Dürr and Dr. Thomas Udem

Speaker: Prof. Dr. X. Franz Kärtner

+++ONLINE COLLOQUIUM+++ How to shrink accelerators and light sources? (Prof. Dr. X. Franz Kärtner)

The use of very high frequencies enables operation of accelerators at higher field strength with lower energetic driver pulses scaling with wavelength cube. Approaches towards a linear terahertz accelerator technology to realize ultrabright and compact electron sources for both ultrafast electron diffraction as well as X-ray sources are discussed. [more]
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