Theory Seminar: An introduction to the strong edge zero modes

June 07, 2023

Maxine Luo, Theory Group MPQ
Theory Seminar at MPQ lecture hall and Zoom
Wednesday, June 7th, 11.30am (MEZ)


In some one-dimensional (1D) spin systems with open boundary conditions (OBC), such as the Ising/Kitaev chain and the XYZ chain, there exist strong edge zero modes (SZM). These are operators that act on the boundary spins and connect degenerate eigenstates with different symmetries. As a result, the edge spins can preserve their initial state for an exponentially long time, even at infinite temperatures. In this seminar, I will present: 1) the definition and properties of SZM, 2) some theoretical methods to analyze SZM, 3) an experimental realization of SZM using superconducting qubits, and 4) the possible applications of SZM for quantum information processing.

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