Finances & Bank Account

Finances & Bank Account

There are plenty of good options for German bank accounts. Usually, it is fairly easy to open an account, once you are registered in Germany (and sometimes even before).


What do I need to open a bank account?

The most important part is proving your identity by providing a passport or an ID. Moreover, you will often be required to prove your address (for instance, by providing your registration confirmation) and your employment (by providing your employment contract).


What options are there?

Cheap options of online only bank accounts include the following:

  • DKB
  • Comdirect
  • ING-Diba
  • N26 (doesn’t require being registered in Germany, but does require you to install an app on your smartphone including English language support)

Options with local costumer service are:

  • Volksbank
  • Postbank
  • Sparkasse


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