Theory Seminar: Noisy Stabilizer Formalism

March 22, 2023

Maria Flors Mor-Ruiz,  University of Innsbruck
Theory Seminar at MPQ lecture hall and via Zoom
Wednesday, March 22nd, 11:30 am (MEZ)


Despite the exponential overhead to describe general multi-qubit quantum states and processes, efficient methods for certain state families and operations have been developed and utilised. The stabilizer formalism and the Gottesman-Knill theorem, where pure stabilizer or graph states are manipulated by Clifford operations and Pauli measurements, are prominent examples, and these states play a major role in many applications in quantum technologies. Here we develop a noisy stabilizer formalism, i.e., a method that allows one not only to efficiently describe and follow pure states under Clifford operations and Pauli measurements but also Pauli noise processes acting on such stabilizer states, including uncorrelated and correlated dephasing and single- or multi-qubit depolarizing noise. The method scales linearly in the number of qubits of the initial state, but exponentially in the size of the target state. Thus, whenever a noisy stabilizer state is manipulated by means of local Pauli measurements such that a multipartite entangled state of a few qubits is generated, one can efficiently describe the resulting state.


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