Theory Seminar: Quantum emitters in structured baths: from single atoms to fermionic matter waves

March 15, 2023

Bennet Windt, Theory Divison MPQ
Theory Seminar at MPQ lecture hall (B 0.32) and Zoom
Wednesday, 15th March, 11:30 am (MEZ)

I will provide a beginner-friendly introduction to the field of quantum emitters in structured reservoirs, which has been subject to ever-increasing research interest, both in our group and many others. I will highlight key results that make this research area interesting both from a fundamental perspective and in the context of quantum technologies, as well as giving a brief overview over recent results and relevant experimental platforms. I will then talk about my own work, focusing on how central results translate to the framework of cold-atom fermionic impurity models, thereby opening the door to the new scenario of “fermionic matter-wave quantum optics”.

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