Theory Seminar: Asymmetric Bosonic Transport

March 01, 2023

Peter Rabl, TUM
Theory Seminar at MPQ lecture halland Zoom
Wednesday, March 1st, 11:30am (MEZ)


In this talk I will introduce the asymmetric simple inclusion process (ASIP) as a basic model to describe the dissipative transport of bosons along a 1D lattice. Despite its simplicity, this transport model exhibits many surprising features that arise as a direct consequence of the asymmetry in the hopping rates and the bosonic particle statistics. Within this framework, I will mainly focus on a thermal transport scenario, where the stationary state of this system undergoes a boundary condensation transition with a rather unusual spatial structure. If time permits, I will then discuss in the second part of the talk the full counting statistics of the ASIP and its relation to the KPZ equation and interface growth.

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