Theory Seminar: Topological quantum spin liquids and Rydberg atom arrays

January 18, 2023

Giuliano Giudici, LMU
Theory Seminar seminar and MPQ, room B 2.46 and zoom
Wednesday, January 18th, 11:30 am (MEZ)

Topological quantum matter represents the holy grail for quantum simulations as it stands out for its exotic properties and numerous applications in quantum technologies. Recently, a quantum spin liquid (QSL) state with Z2 topological order has been theoretically predicted and experimentally realized in an array of Rydberg atoms. As I will show, this "Rydberg QSL" is well described by a tensor network state ansatz that is useful to probe the stability of topological order and optimize dynamical preparation. Building on these results, I will introduce a novel class of QSLs with Z3 topological order and discuss possible implementations in Rydberg atom setups.

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