Johannes Knörzer wins the MCQST PhD Award 2020

Johannes Knörzer, member of the MPQ Theory Group, receives the MCQST PhD Award for his outstanding doctoral research.

MPQ congratulates Johannes Knörzer on winning the MCQST PhD Award 2020. The annual prize honours the two best PhD theses from the Munich Center of Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST) community. The award aims to encourage young researchers to pursue a career in science.

In his thesis entitled "Semiconductor-based electron lattices for quantum information processing,” Johannes Knörzer investigated the suitability of specific solid-state systems for quantum information processing, using different quantum optical methods. A focus was on periodic electronic lattices and how they can be produced and investigated, for example with surface acoustic waves or 2D semiconductors. By means of the theory of time-driven open quantum systems, Johannes Knörzer examined the suitability of acoustic surfaces for the production of these lattices, as well as developing ways of implementation for future experiments. In addition, he worked on the particular optical qualities of two-dimensional semiconductors and how they can be used for the detection of self-assembled electronic lattices.

The jury was impressed by Johannes Knörzer's research. The award ceremony is due to take place at this year's MCQST conference, but the precise format of the event has not been decided on due to the COVID-19 pandmic. Johannes Knörzer is happy about the award either way and feels encouraged to continue with his research: "both in and around Munich there are a lot of people doing research in quantum physics who would have deserved this award. That is another reason why it is such a great feeling to have one's own work acknowledged."

Johannes Knörzer is a postdoctoral student in the Theory Group of Ignacio Cirac. Congratulations!

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