Theory Seminar: Solvable Chaotic Many-Body Quantum Systems

February 24, 2021

Pavel Kos, University of Ljubljana
Group Seminar via Zoom
Wednesday, 24.02.2021, 11:30 (MEZ)


In my talk, I will discuss a class of solvable chaotic many-body quantum models. These locally interacting models have a special property, called dual-unitarity, meaning that the evolution propagator in the space direction is also unitary. This property allows us to exactly answer some questions about the chaotic evolution of these systems.

Firstly, I will briefly address the results regarding spectral form factor, which is a spectral indicator of chaos. Secondly, I will focus on a dynamical indicator of chaos: local operator entanglement entropy, which measures the complexity of the evolving operators in the Heisenberg picture. Thirdly, I will discuss the spatio-temporal correlation functions in these models.

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