Immanuel Bloch hands over the "Agenda Quantensysteme 2030" to the Federal Research Minister 

An expert community for quantum technologies from science and industry has developed new guidelines for joint action of industry, politics and science. Yesterday, the programme was adopted at a virtual event organised by the BMBF, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany.

300 experts from industry and science, a ten-year time frame and a ten-month work phase - the result is the new "Agenda Quantensystem 2030". Elaborated in there are the challenges and research priorities around the entire sujet of quantum systems, which are now to set the guidelines for a joint action of science, industry and politics in the coming years. Five areas shall receive special attention: quantum computing and simulation, quantum communication, quantum sensors, supporting technologies for the implementation of quantum systems, and public outreach to attract specialists and inform and educate the wider public.

Immanuel Bloch, Managing Director at MPQ and head of the Quantum Many-Body Systems group at MPQ and LMU, has accompanied the development process of the new agenda from the beginning. He and Peter Leibinger, Managing Director of TRUMPF, a pioneering company in the field of laser technology, are spokespersons for the programme committee "Quantensysteme" and handed the agenda over to Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek yesterday evening in a livestream event.

"We hope that in ten years we will already see very tangible successes, including industrial successes. The combination of basic research and now also practical application has given the entire field an enormous boost and of course we want to take this momentum with us and build on it," said Immanuel Bloch in his interview at yesterday's event. An exciting experience was above all the "complex interaction, the interests of the different parties: there are the end users on the one hand and the basic research on the other. We have to build a bridge between the two, and that was a very exciting experience for me. I think the agenda gives us a great starting point here to continue establishing the topic well in Germany and Europe," Bloch continues. 

The recording of the event is uploaded and available in the media library of the BMBF, but in German language only:

Further information about the "Agenda Quantensysteme 2030" are found here:

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