Congratulations to André Heinz for completing his doctorate!

On June 26, André Heinz successfully defended and completed his doctorate in the quantum many-body systems department of Immanuel Bloch. He will remain at the MPQ as a Wrap-Up postdoc until the end of the year, before turning to industry for pursuing his career.

June 29, 2020

In his promotion André Heinz investigated how lasercooled, strontium behaves in optical traps at a so-called tune-out wavelength. Using these wavelengths, individual atoms can be trapped - or not - depending on their electronic state, which paves the way for a large variety of quantum simulation schemes. By inventing an assembly with crossed optical cavities, in which light is reflected back and forth, André found a way to enhance the available laser power to enable the implementation of these tune-out wavelengths in quantum simulation experiments.

What's next?

For now, André Heinz remains at MPQ as a wrap-up postdoc until the end of 2020. A wrap-up postdoc is intended to continue working on the project after the doctoral thesis, to fine-tune it or to complete other unfinished projects. And then, new year, new adventures. André Heinz will be looking out for a new adventure and turn towards the industry to continue his career. We wish him all the best and good luck in his search.

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