Regional finale of the German Young Physicists' Tournament at MPQ

February 17, 2020

Up-and-coming physicists are getting ready, the next German Young Physicists' Tournament (GYPT) is calling again. On the 1st of February 42 school students from all over Bavaria are competing against each other in the regional round of the tournament. From overall 17 physical problems the students are able to choose one to solve, first in theory then in experiment. Their results they can present to a jury and audience in a ten minutes talk. 

*** end of teaser*** The rest of the article is only available in German. 

Soap membrane filter in slow motion

One of the tasks is dealing with the characteristics of a soap membrane filter. Bigger particles are falling through the membrane without breaking it, whilst others are staying stuck on top of it. Crazy, right? So why and how does this phenomenon work?


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