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In an experiment carried out at MPQ, the fastest ever switching of electric currents in semiconductors has been achieved with few-cycle laser pulses. more

For the first time ever, physicists from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, the Technische Universität München and the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics have recorded an internal atomic event with an accuracy of a trillionth of a billionth of a second. more

CERN experiment sets precision record in the measurement of the antiproton to electron mass ratio using a new innovative cooling technique more

By using ultrafast laser flashes, scientists at Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics generated and measured the fastest electric current inside a solid material. The electrons executed eight million billion oscillations per second, setting a record of human control of electrons inside solids! more

Scientists at MPQ observe antiferromagnetic correlations in one-dimensional fermionic quantum many-body systems more

Science management in German research organizations – how does this work? more

The deuteron - just like the proton - is smaller than previously thought more

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