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Kelkensberg, F.; Lefebvre, C.; Siu, W.; Ghafur, O.; Nguyen-Dang, T. T.; Atabek, O.; Keller, A.; Serov, V.; Johnsson, P.; Swoboda, M. et al.; Remetter, T.; L'Huillier, A.; Zherebtsov, S.; Sansone, G.; Benedetti, E.; Ferrari, F.; Nisoli, M.; Lépine, F.; Kling, M. F.; Vrakking, M. J. J.: Molecular Dissociative Ionization and Wave-Packet Dynamics Studied Using Two-Color XUV and IR Pump-Probe Spectroscopy. Physical Review Letters 103 (12), 123005 (2009)
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Znakovskaya, I.; von den Hoff, P.; Zherebtsov, S.; Wirth, A.; Herrwerth, O.; Vrakking, M. J. J.; de Vivie-Riedle, R.; Kling, M. F.: Attosecond Control of Electron Dynamics in Carbon Monoxide. Physical Review Letters 103 (10), 103002 (2009)
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Gopal, R.; Simeonidis, K.; Moshammer, R.; Ergler, T.; Dürr, M.; Kurka, M.; Kühnel, K. U.; Tschuch, S.; Schröter, C. D.; Bauer, D. et al.; Ullrich, J.; Rudenko, A.; Herrwerth, O.; Uphues, T.; Schultze, M.; Goulielmakis, E.; Uiberacker, M.; Lezius, M.; Kling, M. F.: Three-Dimensional Momentum Imaging of Electron Wave Packet Interference in Few-Cycle Laser Pulses. Physical Review Letters 103 (5), 053001 (2009)
Journal Article
Ghafur, O.; Siu, W.; Johnsson, P.; Kling, M. F.; Drescher, M.; Vrakking, M. J. J.: A velocity map imaging detector with an integrated gas injection system. Review of Scientific Instruments 80 (3), 033110 (2009)
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Micheau, S.; Chen, Z. J.; Le, A. T.; Rauschenberger, J.; Kling, M. F.; Lin, C. D.: Accurate Retrieval of Target Structures and Laser Parameters of Few-Cycle Pulses from Photoelectron Momentum Spectra. Physical Review Letters 102 (7), 073001 (2009)
Journal Article
Kling, M.; Krausz, F.: Attoscience: An attosecond stopwatch. Nature Physics 4 (7), pp. 515 - 516 (2008)
Journal Article
Kling, M. F.; Rauschenberger, J.; Verhoef, A. J.; Hasovic, E.; Uphues, T.; Milosevic, D. B.; Muller, H. G.; Vrakking, M. J. J.: Imaging of carrier-envelope phase effects in above-threshold ionization with intense few-cycle laser fields. New Journal of Physics 10, 025024 (2008)
Journal Article
Uphues, T.; Schultze, M.; Kling, M. F.; Uiberacker, M.; Hendel, S.; Heinzmann, U.; Kabachnik, N. M.; Drescher, M.: Ion-charge-state chronoscopy of cascaded atomic Auger decay. New Journal of Physics 10, 025009 (2008)
Journal Article
Kling, M. F.; Siedschlag, C.; Znakovskaya, I.; Verhoef, A. J.; Zherebtsov, S.; Krausz, F.; Lezius, M.; Vrakking, M. J. J.: Strong-field control of electron localisation during molecular dissociation. Molecular Physics 106, pp. 455 - 465 (2008)
Journal Article
Kling, M. F.; Vrakking, M. J. J.: Attosecond electron dynamics. Annual Review of Physical Chemistry 59, pp. 463 - 492 (2008)
Journal Article
Kienberger, R.; Uiberacker, M.; Kling, M. F.; Krausz, F.: Attosecond physics comes of age: from tracing to steering electrons at sub-atomic scales. Journal of Modern Optics 54 (13-15), pp. 1985 - 1998 (2007)
Journal Article
Stockman, M. I.; Kling, M. F.; Kleineberg, U.; Krausz, F.: Attosecond nanoplasmonic-field microscope. Nature Photonics 1 (9), pp. 539 - 544 (2007)
Journal Article
Uiberacker, M.; Uphues, T.; Schultze, M.; Verhoef, A. J.; Yakovlev, V.; Kling, M. F.; Rauschenberger, J.; Kabachnik, N. M.; Schröder, H.; Lezius, M. et al.; Kompa, K. L.; Muller, H.-G.; Vrakking, M. J. J.; Hendel, S.; Kleineberg, U.; Heinzmann, U.; Drescher, M.; Krausz, F.: Attosecond real-time observation of electron tunnelling in atoms. Nature 446, pp. 627 - 632 (2007)
Journal Article
Kling, M. F.; Siedschlag, C.; Verhoef, A. J.; Khan, J. I.; Schultze, M.; Uphues, T.; Ni, Y.; Uiberacker, M.; Drescher, M.; Krausz, F. et al.; Vrakking, M. J. J.: Control of Electron Localization in Molecular Dissociation. Science 312 (5771), pp. 246 - 248 (2006)

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Hommelhoff, P.: Attosecond Nanophysics. Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH, Weinheim (2015), 392 pp.

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Book Chapter
Chew, S. H.; Pearce, K.; Späth, C.; Guggenmos, A.; Schmidt, J.; Süßmann, F.; Kling, M. F.; Kleineberg, U.; Mårsell, E.; Arnold, C. L. et al.; Lorek, E.; Rudawski, P.; Guo, C.; Miranda, M.; Ardana, F.; Mauritsson, J.; L'Huillier, A.; Mikkelsen, A.: Imaging Localized Surface Plasmons by Femtosecond to Attosecond Time-Resolved Photoelectron Emission Microscopy – “ATTO-PEEM”. In: Attosecond Nanophysics, pp. 325 - 364 (Ed. Kling, M. F.). Wiley VCH, Weinheim (2015)
Book Chapter
Kling, M. F.; Steffl, B. C.; Hommelhoff, P.: Introduction. In: Attosecond Nanophysics, pp. 1 - 9 (Ed. Kling, M. F.). Wiley VCH, Weinheim (2015)
Book Chapter
Süßmann, F.; Kling, M. F.; Hommelhoff, P.: From Attosecond Control of Electrons at Nano-Objects to Laser-Driven Electron Accelerators. In: Attosecond Nanophysics, pp. 155 - 196 (Ed. Kling, M. F.). Wiley VCH, Weinheim (2015)
Book Chapter
Thumm, U.; Liao, Q.; Bothschafter, E.; Süßmann, F.; Kling, M. F.; Kienberger, R.: Attosecond Physics: Attosecond Streaking Spectroscopy of Atoms and Solids. In: Photonics: Scientific Foundations, Technology and Applications, Vol. 1, pp. 387 - 441. John Wiley & Sons, Weinheim (2015)
Book Chapter
Süßmann, F.; Stebbings, S. L.; Zherebtsov, S.; Chew, S. H.; Stockman, M. I.; Rühl, E.; Kleineberg, U.; Fennel, T.; Kling, M. F.: Attosecond Nanophysics. In: Attosecond and XUV Physics, pp. 421 - 461 (Eds. Schultz, T.; Vrakking, M.). Wiley-VCH, Weinheim (2014)
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