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Journal Article
Weingartner, R.; Raith, S.; Popp, A.; Chou, S.-W.; Wenz, J.; Khrennikov, K.; Heigoldt, M.; Maier, A. R.; Kajumba, N.; Fuchs, M. et al.; Zeitler, B.; Krausz, F.; Karsch, S.; Gruener, F.: Ultralow emittance electron beams from a laser-wakefield accelerator. Physical Review Special Topics-Accelerators and Beams 15 (11), 111302 (2012)
Journal Article
Weingartner, R.; Fuchs, M.; Popp, A.; Raith, S.; Becker, S.; Chou, S. W.; Heigoldt, M.; Khrennikov, K.; Wenz, J.; Seggebrock, T. et al.; Zeitler, B.; Major, Z.; Osterhoff, J.; Krausz, F.; Karsch, S.; Grüner, F.: Imaging laser-wakefield-accelerated electrons using miniature magnetic quadrupole lenses. Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams 14 (5), 052801 (2011)
Journal Article
Popp, A.; Vieira, J.; Osterhoff, J.; Major, Z.; Hörlein, R.; Fuchs, M.; Weingartner, R.; Rowlands-Rees, T. P.; Marti, M.; Fonseca, R. A. et al.; Martins, S. F.; Silva, L. O.; Hooker, S. M.; Krausz, F.; Grüner, F.; Karsch, S.: All-Optical Steering of Laser-Wakefield-Accelerated Electron Beams. Physical Review Letters 105 (21), 215001 (2010)
Journal Article
Fuchs, M.; Weingartner, R.; Popp, A.; Major, Z.; Becker, S.; Osterhoff, J.; Cortrie, I.; Zeitler, B.; Hörlein, R.; Tsakiris, G. D. et al.; Schramm, U.; Rowlands-Rees, T. P.; Hooker, S. M.; Habs, D.; Krausz, F.; Karsch, S.; Grüner, F.: Laser-driven soft-X-ray undulator source. Nature Physics 5 (11), pp. 826 - 829 (2009)
Journal Article
Becker, S.; Bussmann, M.; Raith, S.; Fuchs, M.; Weingartner, R.; Kunz, P.; Lauth, W.; Schramm, U.; El Ghazaly, M.; Grüner, F. et al.; Backe, H.; Habs, D.: Characterization and tuning of ultrahigh gradient permanent magnet quadrupoles. Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams 12 (10), 102801 (2009)
Journal Article
Major, Z.; Trushin, S.; Ahmad, I.; Siebold, M.; Wandt, C.; Klingebiel, S.; Wang, T.-J.; Fülöp, J. A.; Henig, A.; Kruber, S. et al.; Weingartner, R.; Popp, A.; Osterhoff, J.; Hörlein, R.; Hein, J.; Pervak, V.; Apolonski, A.; Krausz, F.; Karsch, S.: Basic Concepts and Current Status of the Petawatt Field Synthesizer -A New Approach to Ultrahigh Field Generation. Review of Laser Engineering 37 (6), pp. 431 - 436 (2009)
Journal Article
Fülöp, J. A.; Major, Z.; Henig, A.; Kruber, S.; Weingartner, R.; Clausnitzer, T.; Kley, E. B.; Tunnermann, A.; Pervak, V.; Apolonskiy, A. et al.; Osterhoff, J.; Hörlein, R.; Krausz, F.; Karsch, S.: Short-pulse optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification for the generation of high-power few-cycle pulses. New Journal of Physics 9, 438 (2007)

Conference Paper (2)

Conference Paper
Fuchs, M.; Weingartner, R.; Popp, A.; Major, Z.; Becker, S.; Osterhoff, J.; Seggebrock, T.; Hörlein, R.; Tsakiris, G. D.; Schramm, U. et al.; Rowlands-Rees, T. P.; Hooker, S. M.; Habs, D.; Krausz, F.; Karsch, S.; Grüner, F.: First milestone on the path toward a table-top free-electron laser (FEL). In: Light at Extreme Intensities: Opportunities and Technological Issues of the Extreme Light Infrastructure, pp. 295 - 300 (Ed. Dumitras, D.). Light at Extreme Intensities - LEI 2009, Brasov, Romania, October 16, 2009 - October 21, 2009. AIP, Maryland (2010)
Conference Paper
Grüner, F.; Becker, S.; Schramm, U.; Eichner, T.; Fuchs, M.; Weingartner, R.; Habs, D.; Meyer-ter-Vehn, J.; Geissler, M.; Ferrario, M. et al.; Serafini, L.; Van Der Geer, B.; Backe, H.; Lauth, W.; Reiche, S.: Design considerations for table-top, laser-based VUV and X-ray free electron lasers. 2006 Spring meeting of the Quantum Optics and Photonics Section of the German Physical Society, Frankfurt, March 13, 2006 - March 17, 2006. Applied Physics B 86 (3), pp. 431 - 435 (2007)
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