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Journal Article
Major, Z.; Trushin, S.; Ahmad, I.; Siebold, M.; Wandt, C.; Klingebiel, S.; Wang, T.-J.; Fülöp, J. A.; Henig, A.; Kruber, S. et al.; Weingartner, R.; Popp, A.; Osterhoff, J.; Hörlein, R.; Hein, J.; Pervak, V.; Apolonski, A.; Krausz, F.; Karsch, S.: Basic Concepts and Current Status of the Petawatt Field Synthesizer -A New Approach to Ultrahigh Field Generation. Review of Laser Engineering 37 (6), pp. 431 - 436 (2009)
Journal Article
Fülöp, J. A.; Major, Z.; Henig, A.; Kruber, S.; Weingartner, R.; Clausnitzer, T.; Kley, E. B.; Tunnermann, A.; Pervak, V.; Apolonskiy, A. et al.; Osterhoff, J.; Hörlein, R.; Krausz, F.; Karsch, S.: Short-pulse optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification for the generation of high-power few-cycle pulses. New Journal of Physics 9, 438 (2007)
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