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    Bohrdt, A.; Chiu, C. S.; Ji, G.; Xu, M.; Greif, D.; Greiner, M.; Demler, E.; Grusdt, F.; Knap , M.: Classifying Snapshots of the Doped Hubbard Model with Machine Learning. Nature Physics 15, pp. 921 - 924 (2019)
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    Chiu, C. S.; Ji, G.; Bohrdt, A.; Xu, M.; Knap, M.; Demler, E.; Grusdt, F.; Greiner, M.; Greif, D.: String patterns in the doped Hubbard model. Science 365 (6450), pp. 251 - 256 (2019)
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    Grusdt, F.; Bohrdt, A.; Demler, E.: Microscopic spinon-chargon theory of magnetic polarons in the t−J model. Physical Review B 99 (22), 224422 (2019)
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    Bohrdt, A.; Jägering, K.; Eggert, S.; Schneider, I.: Dynamic structure factor in impurity-doped spin chains. Physical Review B 98, 020402(R) (2018)
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    Grusdt, F.; Kánasz-Nagy, M.; Bohrdt, A.; Chiu, C. .; Ji, G.; Greiner, M.; Greif, D.; Demler, E.: Parton Theory of Magnetic Polarons: Mesonic Resonances and Signatures in Dynamics. Physical Review X 8 (1) (2018)
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    Bohrdt, A.; Greif, D.; Demler, E.; Knap, M.; Grusdt, F.: Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy with quantum gas microscopes. Physical Review B 97, 125117 (2018)
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