Congratulations to Nicola Pancotti on finishing his PhD!

In his doctoral thesis, Nicola worked on finding new methods for the study of quantum mechanical systems; his research might furthermore help us use quantum physics in other fields such as machine learning.

July 19, 2021

Belated congratulations to Nicola Pancotti on successfully completing his PhD! From February 2015 to August 2020, Nicola was a doctoral student in the Theory Division led by Professor Ignacio Cirac. He is currently continuing his research as a Quantum Research Scientist at Amazon Quantum. Well done!

In his thesis (“Methods for Quantum Dynamics, Localization and Quantum Machine Learning”), Nicola focused on the development of new numerical methods for studying quantum mechanical systems; he was mostly working with tensor networks techniques. Another objective of his research was to try and apply these methods to fields outside physics, such as machine learning. His work was mostly theoretical, which is why it is still too soon to infer measurable impact of his research. “We hope that our contribution may help people to reach a deeper understanding of some exotic dynamical properties of the microscopic world, and to deploy sophisticated techniques developed in our field outside physics,“ Nicola comments on his research project.    

However, there is life outside work, too. "For sure I won't forget the house parties with my group members," Nicola says. Again, congratulations and best of luck for your future studies!

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