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We offer positions in three different areas: (i) Quantum Information Theory, (ii) Theoretical Quantum Optics, and (iii) Quantum Many-Body Physics. For more information about our research on those areas, click here. There are three deadlines for the submission of applications: March 15th, July 15th, and October 15th. Within two weeks after the deadlines you will receive a response regarding your application.

  •     If you want to apply for an external grant, like for instance a DAAD or AvH stipend, you nevertheless have to apply also here.
  •     We do not offer internships for foreign students who have not finished their studies

PhD and Master Thesis

We offer positions to PhD and Master students with exceptional CV. They should be among the 5% top students in their university and have some extraordinary achievements (like, e.g., in physics/mathematics olympiads). For the Master students we can only offer financial help if they have carried out their studies outside the Munich area. The PhD/Master degrees are officially awarded by the Technical University of Munich. More details, requirements, etc.

Candidates for a PhD position should apply here.

Candidates for a Master in our group should applly here.


We offer positions for exceptional researchers at the postdoc level with experience in the subjects mentioned above. They should carry out independent research at the highest level. Each postdoc position comes with its own budget, which will include travel allowances and a computer/laptop.

Candidates for a postdoc position should apply here.

Junior research groups

The group is also open to senior postdocs/researchers with an extraordinary CV to create an independent Junior Research Group in Quantum Information or Quantum Optics. The candidates should apply for an ERC starting grant, to the Junior Research program of the Max Planck Society or to a similar position. For more information, please contact directly and send him your CV.

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