"Europe has contributed very actively to the science of quantum computing"

February 19, 2020

Ignacio Cirac, Director of our Theory Department and pioneer for quantum computers, discusses the next big quantum leap with other "leading brains of quantum computing" in Europe.

What groundbreaking opportunities are behind quantum technologies? What role does Europe and the local research landscape play in this global race around the next big quantum leap? And how will society and technology eventually change by this massive new step?

The "leading brains in Europe on quantum computing" discussed those and other questions this week on the DLD (Digital Life Design) Conference in Munich, amongst them (from left to right) Ignacio Cirac, Director of our Theory department, Thorsten Siebert from Fraunhofer, Ian Walmsley from Imperial College London und a member of the MPQ's scientific advisory board, and Sebastian Luber von Infineon Technologies. The panel was moderated by Laura Citron from London & Partners in a nice and inspiring fashion.

We recommend watching the full discussion (a bit over half an hour) here in full length:

Quantum Leap in European Collaboration

Quantum Computing - What is all the fuzz about?

Panel discussion at the Digital Life Design Conference in Munich
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