Quantum Networks Group - Publications


Benjamin Merkel, Pablo Cova Farina, and Andreas Reiserer, "Dynamical Decoupling of Spin Ensembles with Strong Anisotropic Interactions," Physical Review Letters 127 (3), 030501 (2021).
Pablo Cova Farina, Benjamin Merkel, Natalia Herrera Valencia, Penghong Yu, Alexander Ulanowski, and Andreas Reiserer, "Coherent Control in the Ground and Optically Excited States of an Ensemble of Erbium Dopants," Physical Review Applied 15 (6), 064028 (2021).
Benjamin Merkel, Daniel Repp , and Andreas Reiserer, "Laser stabilization to a cryogenic fiber ring resonator," Optics Letters 46 (2), 444-447 (2021).
Lorenz Weiß, Andreas Gritsch, Benjamin Merkel, and Andreas Reiserer, "Erbium dopants in nanophotonic silicon waveguides," Optica 8 (1), 40-41 (2021).


Benjamin Merkel, Alexander Ulanowski, and Andreas Reiserer, "Coherent and Purcell-Enhanced Emission from Erbium Dopants in a Cryogenic High-Q Resonator," Physical Review X 10 (4), 041025 (2020).
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