Team leader

Ph.D. students

Lorenz Weiß

Doctoral candidate

Stephan Rinner

M.Sc. students

Penghong Yu, Karl Miklautz, Jasper Ebel

Master Students, Rooms A 1.20, A 1.28 and A 0.35, Phone -545


Laura Zarraoa Sardon, M.Sc. student from of TU Munich and DTU (2020), then PhD student at ICFO, Barcelona

Daniel Repp, M.Sc. student from TU Munich (2020), then PhD student at the University of Jena

Tangui Aladjidi, M.Sc. student from École Polytechnique, Paris (2019), then PhD student at École Polytechnique, Paris

Natalia Herrera Valencia, M.Sc. student EUROPHOTONICS (2018), then PhD student at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

Kutlu Kutluer, PostDoc in 2018 (previously PhD at ICFO, Barcelona). Went on to design EUV light sources with ASML.

Valentin Crépel, M.Sc. student from ENS, Paris (2017); then PhD student at ENS Paris

Natalie Wilson, M.Sc. student from LMU, Munich (2017); then PhD student at Stockholm University

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