• Masaki Hori (Group leader)
  • Dr. John Eades(stationed at CERN)
  • Mr. Werner Pirkl (stationed at CERN)


Former members:

  • Mr. Chris DeMellier (CERN internship 2019, now University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Ms. Natsumi Ogawa (Internships 2017 and 2019, now University of Tokyo graduate school Super/HyperKamiokande experiment)
  • Dr. Yohei Murakami (PhD promotion in 2017, now engineer Toshiba Corporation)
  • Mr. Hiroyuki Yamada (graduated 2017, now engineer Hitachi Corporation)
  • Dr. Daniel Barna (Now principal investigator, Wigner Research Centre, Budapest, development for Future Circular Collider)
  • Dr. Anna Soter (PhD promotion in 2016 summa cum laude and former postdoc of our group until 2017. Now tenure-track assistant professor, ETH Zürich, Switzerland, gravitational acceleration of muonium)
  • Dr. Hossein Aghai-Khozani (PhD promotion in 2016 summa cum laude, now McKinsey and Co. GmbH)
  • Dr. Koichi Todoroki (PhD promotion in 2015, now engineer NEC corporation)
  • Dr. Takumi Kobayashi (PhD promotion in 2014, now scientist at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan, optical lattice clocks)
  • Dr. Andreas Dax (Now scientist in Swiss X-ray Free Electron Laser facility of Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigan, Switzerland)
  • Ms. Simone Agha (Undergraduate internship 2010 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Dr. Naoya Ono (PhD promotion in 2009, now Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Japan)


 Guests and collaborators visiting MPQ:

  • Prof. Vladimir Korobov (JINR Moscow)
  • Dr. Akira Miyazaki (Uppsala University)


We co-lead the ASACUSA international collaboration at CERN (40 or so scientists from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Great Britian, Hungry, Italy, and Japan)

We lead the PiHe international collaboration at PSI (6 scientists from Germany, Hungary, and Switzerland)

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