Publications of Francesco Scazza

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Hofrichter, C.; Riegger, L.; Scazza, F.; Höfer, M.; Fernandes, R. D.; Bloch, I.; Fölling, S.: Direct Probing of the Mott Crossover in the SU(N) Fermi-Hubbard Model. Physical Review X 6 (2), 021030 (2016)
Journal Article
Höfer, M.; Riegger, L.; Scazza, F.; Hofrichter, C.; Rio Fernandes, D. R.; Parish, M. M.; Levinsen, J.; Bloch, I.; Fölling, S.: Observation of an Orbital Interaction-Induced Feshbach Resonance in 173Yb. Physical Review Letters 115 (26), 265302 (2015)
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