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Journal Article
Fattahi, H.; Teisset, C. Y.; Pronin, O.; Sugita, A.; Graf, R.; Pervak, V.; Gu, X.; Metzger, T.; Major, Z.; Krausz, F. et al.; Apolonski, A.: Pump-seed synchronization for MHz repetition rate, high-power optical parametric chirped pulse amplification. Optics Express 20 (9), pp. 9833 - 9840 (2012)
Journal Article
Pervak, V.; Teisset, C.; Sugita, A.; Naumov, S.; Krausz, F.; Apolonskiy, A.: High-dispersive mirrors for femtosecond lasers. Optics Express 16 (14), pp. 10220 - 10230 (2008)
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