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Journal Article
Aközbek, N.; Trushin, S. A.; Baltuška, A.; Fuß, W.; Goulielmakis, E.; Kosma, K.; Krausz, F.; Panja, S.; Uiberacker, M.; Schmid, W. E. et al.; Becker, A.; Scalora, M.; Bloemer, M.: Extending the supercontinuum spectrum down to 200 nm with few-cycle pulses. New Journal of Physics 8, 177 (2006)
Journal Article
Fuß, W.; Panja, S.; Schmid, W. E.; Trushin, S. A.: Competing ultrafast cis-trans isomerization and ring closure of cyclohepta-1,3-diene and cyclo-octa-1,3-diene. A Special Issue in Honour of Professor Michael Albert Robb, pp. 1133 - 1143 (2006)
Journal Article
Trushin, S. A.; Panja, S.; Kosma, K.; Schmid, W. E.; Fuß, W.: Supercontinuum extending from > 1000 to 250 nm, generated by focusing ten-fs laser pulses at 805 nm into Ar. Applied Physics B 80 (4-5), pp. 399 - 403 (2005)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Fuß, W.; Trushin, S. A.; Schmid, W. E.; Kosmidis, C.; Panja, S.: Dark Intermediate States in Photochemical Cis-Trans Isomerization and Pericyclic Reactions. In: Femtochemistry VII: Fundamental Ultrafast Processes in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, pp. 96 - 104 (Eds. Castleman Jr., A.W.; Kimble, M.L.). VIIth International Conference on Femtochemistry, Washington, DC, July 17, 2005 - July 22, 2005. Elsevier, Amsterdam (2006)
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