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Chervenkov, S.; Wu , X.; Bayerl, J.; Rohlfes, A.; Gantner, T.; Zeppenfeld, M.; Rempe, G.: Continuous Centrifuge Decelerator for Polar Molecules. Physical Review Letters 112 (1), 013001 (2014)
Journal Article
Englert, B. G.U.; Mielenz, M.; Sommer, C.; Bayerl, J.; Motsch, M.; Pinkse, P. W. H.; Rempe, G.; Zeppenfeld, M.: Storage and Adiabatic Cooling of Polar Molecules in a Microstructured Trap. Physical Review Letters 107 (26), 263003 (2011)
Journal Article
Sommer, C.; van Buuren, L. D.; Motsch, M.; Pohle, S.; Bayerl, J.; Pinkse, P. W. H.; Rempe, G.: Continuous guided beams of slow and internally cold polar molecules. Faraday Discussions 142, pp. 203 - 220 (2009)
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van Buuren, L. D.; Sommer, C.; Motsch, M.; Pohle, S.; Schenk, M.; Bayerl, J.; Pinkse, P. W. H.; Rempe, G.: Electrostatic Extraction of Cold Molecules from a Cryogenic Reservoir. Physical Review Letters 102 (3), 033001 (2009)
Journal Article
Fill, E.; Bayerl, J.; Tommasini, R.: A novel tape target for use with repetitively pulsed lasers. Review of Scientific Instruments 73 (5), pp. 2190 - 2192 (2002)
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