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Journal Article
Marconi, C.; Aloy, A.; Tura i Brugués, J.; Sanpera, A.: Entangled symmetric states and copositive matrices. Quantum 5, 561 (2021)
Journal Article
Aloy, A.; Fadel, M.; Tura i Brugués, J.: The quantum marginal problem for symmetric states: applications to variational optimization, nonlocality and self-testing. New Journal of Physics 23 (3), 033026 (2021)
Journal Article
Tura i Brugués, J.: Imperfections Lower the Simulation Cost of Quantum Computers. Physics 13, 183 (2020)
Journal Article
Fadel, M.; Aloy, A.; Tura i Brugués, J.: Bounding the fidelity of quantum many-body states from partial information. Physical Review A 102 (2), 020401 (2020)
Journal Article
Baccari, F.; Augusiak, R.; Supic, I.; Tura i Brugués, J.; Acin, A.: Scalable Bell Inequalities for Qubit Graph States and Robust Self-Testing. Physical Review Letters 124 (2), 020402 (2020)
Journal Article
Augusiak, R.; Salavrakos, A.; Tura i Brugués, J.; Acin, A.: Bell inequalities tailored to the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states of arbitrary local dimension. New Journal of Physics 21 (11), 113001 (2019)
Journal Article
Kaniewski, J.; Supic, I.; Tura i Brugués, J.; Baccari, F.; Salavrakos, A.; Augusiak, R.: Maximal nonlocality from maximal entanglement and mutually unbiased bases, and self-testing of two-qutrit quantum systems. Quantum 3, 198 (2019)
Journal Article
Aloy, A.; Tura i Brugués, J.; Baccari, F.; Acin, A.; Lewenstein, M.; Augusiak, R.: Device-independent witnesses of entanglement depth from two-body correlators. Physical Review Letters 123 (10), 100507 (2019)
Journal Article
Tura i Brugués, J.; Aloy, A.; Baccari, F.; Acin, A.; Lewenstein, M.; Augusiak, R.: Optimization of device-independent witnesses of entanglement depth from two-body correlators. Physical Review A 100 (3), 032307 (2019)
Journal Article
Baccari, F.; Tura i Brugués, J.; Fadel, M.; Aloy, A.; Bancal, J.-D.; Sangouard, N.; Lewenstein, M.; Acin, A.; Augusiak, R.: Bell correlation depth in many-body systems. Physical Review A 100 (2), 022121 (2019)
Journal Article
Ge, Y.; Tura, J.; Cirac, J. I.: Faster ground state preparation and high-precision ground energy estimation with fewer qubits. Journal of Mathematical Physics 60 (2), 022202 (2019)
Journal Article
Fadel, M.; Tura, J.: Bell correlations at finite temperature. Quantum 2, pp. 107 - 116 (2018)
Journal Article
Augusiak, R.; Demianowicz, M.; Tura i Brugués, J.: Constructing genuinely entangled multipartite states with applications to local hidden variables and local hidden states models. Physical Review A 98 (1), 012321 (2018)
Journal Article
Abellan, C.; Acin, A.; Alarcon, A.; Alibart, O.; Andersen, C. K.; Andreoli, F.; Beckert, A.; Beduini, F. A.; Bendersky, A.; Bentivegna, M. et al.; Bierhorst, P.; Burchardt, D.; Cabello, A.; Carine, J.; Carrasco, S.; Carvacho, G.; Cavalcanti, D.; Chaves, R.; Cortes-Vega, J.; Cuevas, A.; Delgado, A.; de Riedmatten, H.; Eichler, C.; Farrera, P.; Fuenzalida, J.; Garcia-Matos, M.; Garthoff, R.; Gasparinetti, S.; Gerrits, T.; Jouneghani, F. G.; Glancy, S.; Gomez, E. S.; Gonzalez, P.; Guan, J.-Y.; Handsteiner, J.; Heinsoo, J.; Heinze, G.; Hirschmann, A.; Jimenez, O.; Kaiser, F.; Knill, E.; Knoll, L. T.; Krinner, S.; Kurpiers, P.; Larotonda, M. A.; Larsson, J.-A.; Lenhard, A.; Li, H.; Li, M.-H.; Lima, G.; Liu, B.; Liu, Y.; Lopez Grande, I. H.; Lunghi, T.; Ma, X.; Magana-Loaiza, O. S.; Magnard, P.; Magnoni, A.; Marti-Prieto, M.; Martinez, D.; Mataloni, P.; Mattar, A.; Mazzera, M.; Mirin, R. P.; Mitchell, M. W.; Nam, S.; Oppliger, M.; Pan, J.-W.; Patel, R. B.; Pryde, G. J.; Rauch, D.; Redeker, K.; Rielander, D.; Ringbauer, M.; Roberson, T.; Rosenfeld, W.; Salathe, Y.; Santodonato, L.; Sauder, G.; Scheidl, T.; Schmiegelow, C. T.; Sciarrino, F.; Seri, A.; Shalm, L. K.; Shi, S.-C.; Slussarenko, S.; Stevens, M. J.; Tanzilli, S.; Toledo, F.; Tura i Brugués, J.; Ursin, R.; Vergyris, P.; Verma, V. B.; Walter, T.; Wallraff, A.; Wang, Z.; Weinfurter, H.; Weston, M. M.; White, A. G.; Wu, C.; Xavier, G. B.; You, L.; Yuan, X.; Zeilinger, A.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, W.; Zhong, J.: Challenging local realism with human choices. Nature 557 (7704), pp. 212 - 216 (2018)
Journal Article
Wang, J.; Paesani, S.; Ding, Y.; Santagati, R.; Skrzypczyk, P.; Salavrakos, A.; Tura i Brugués, J.; Augusiak, R.; Mancinska, L.; Bacco, D. et al.; Bonneau, D.; Silverstone, J. W.; Gong, Q.; Acin, A.; Rottwitt, K.; Oxenlowe, L. K.; O'Brien, J. L.; Laing, A.; Thompson, M. G.: Multidimensional quantum entanglement with large-scale integrated optics. Science 360 (6386), pp. 285 - 291 (2018)
Journal Article
Tura i Brugués, J.; Aloy, A.; Quesada, R.; Lewenstein, M.; Sanpera, A.: Separability of diagonal symmetric states: a quadratic conic optimization problem. Quantum 2, 45 (2018)
Journal Article
Fadel, M.; Tura i Brugués, J.: Bounding the Set of Classical Correlations of a Many-Body System. Physical Review Letters 119 (23), 230402 (2017)
Journal Article
Salavrakos, A.; Augusiak, R.; Tura i Brugués, J.; Wittek, P.; Acin, A.; Pironio, S.: Bell Inequalities Tailored to Maximally Entangled States. Physical Review Letters 119 (4), 040402 (2017)
Journal Article
Tura, J.; De las Cuevas, G.; Augusiak, R.; Lewenstein, M.; Acin, A.; Cirac, J. I.: Energy as a Detector of Nonlocality of Many-Body Spin Systems. Physical Review X 7 (2), 021005 (2017)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Tura i Brugués, J.: Quantum Algorithms for Near-term Devices. In: Ceur Workshop Proceedings, Vol. 2561, pp. 38 - 50. QANSWER 2020 QuANtum SoftWare Engineering & pRogramming, Talavera de la Reina, Spain, February 11, 2020 - February 12, 2020. CEURS-WS Team (2020)
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