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Heinrich , S.; Saule, T.; Högner, M.; Cui, Y.; Yakovlev, V. S.; Pupeza, I.; Kleineberg, U.: Attosecond intra-valence band dynamics and resonant-photoemission delays in W(110). Nature Communications 12 (1), 3404 (2021)
Journal Article
Högner, M.; Saule, T.; Heinrich, S.; Lilienfein, N.; Esser, D.; Trubetskov, M. K.; Pervak, V.; Pupeza, I.: Cavity-enhanced noncollinear high-harmonic generation. Optics Express 27 (14), pp. 19675 - 19691 (2019)
Journal Article
Högner, M.; Saule, T.; Pupeza, I.: Efficiency of cavity-enhanced high harmonic generation with geometric output coupling. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 52 (7), 075401 (2019)
Journal Article
Saule, T.; Heinrich, S.; Schötz, J.; Lilienfein, N.; Högner, M.; deVries, O.; Plötner, M.; Weitenberg, J.; Esser, D.; Schulte, J. et al.; Russbueldt, P.; Limpert, J.; Kling, J.; Kleineberg, U.; Pupeza, I.: High-flux ultrafast extreme-ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy at 18.4 MHz pulse repetition rate. Nature Communications 10, 458 (2019)
Journal Article
Lilienfein, N.; Hofer, C.; Högner, M.; Saule, T.; Trubetskov, M. K.; Pervak, V.; Fill, E.; Riek, C.; Leitenstorfer, A.; Limpert, J. et al.; Krausz, F.; Pupeza, I.: Temporal solitons in free-space femtosecond enhancement cavities. Nature Photonics 13 (3), pp. 214 - 219 (2019)
Journal Article
Saule, T.; Högner, M.; Lilienfein, N.; de Vries, O.; Plötner, M.; Yakovlev, V. S.; Karpowicz, N.; Limpert, J.; Pupeza, I.: Cumulative plasma effects in cavity-enhanced high-order harmonic generation in gases. APL Photonics 3 (10), 101301 (2018)
Journal Article
Högner, M.; Saule, T.; Lilienfein, N.; Pervak, V.; Pupeza, I.: Tailoring the transverse mode of a high-finesse optical resonator with stepped mirrors. Journal of Optics 20 (2), 024003 (2018)
Journal Article
Weitenberg, J.; Saule, T.; Schulte, J.; Russbueldt, P.: Nonlinear Pulse Compression to Sub-40 fs at 4.5 μJ Pulse Energy by Multi-Pass-Cell Spectral Broadening. IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 53 (6), 8600204 (2017)
Journal Article
Saule, T.; Holzberger, S.; De Vries, O.; Ploetner, M.; Limpert, J.; Tünnermann, A.; Pupeza, I.: Phase-stable, multi-µJ femtosecond pulses from a repetition-rate tunable Ti:Sa-oscillator-seeded Yb-fiber amplifier. Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 123 (1), 17 (2017)
Journal Article
Carstens, H.; Högner, M.; Saule, T.; Holzberger, S.; Lilienfein, N.; Guggenmos, A.; Jocher, C.; Eidam, T.; Esser, D.; Tosa, V. et al.; Pervak, V.; Limpert, J.; Tünnermann, A.; Kleineberg, U.; Krausz, F.; Pupeza, I.: High-harmonic generation at 250 MHz with photon energies exceeding 100 eV. Optica 3 (4), pp. 366 - 369 (2016)
Journal Article
de Vries, O.; Saule, T.; Plötner, M.; Lücking, F.; Eidam, T.; Hoffmann, A.; Klenke, A.; Hädrich, S.; Limpert, J.; Holzberger, S. et al.; Schreiber, T.; Eberhardt, R.; Pupeza, I.; Tünnermann, A.: Acousto-optic pulse picking scheme with carrier-frequency-to-pulse-repetition-rate synchronization. Optics Express 23 (15), pp. 19586 - 19595 (2015)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Saule, T.: Cavity-Enhanced High Harmonic Generation for multi-MHz ultrafast Photoemission Spectroscopy. Dissertation, LMU, München (2018)
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