Attosecond flashes from solid-density relativistic plasmas

MPQ scientists have demonstrated the generation of attosecond flashes with unprecedented intensity more

Quantum Simulator for Complex Electronic Materials

Researchers from MPQ, Mainz, Cologne and Jülich simulate complex electronic insulator with ultracold atoms in artificial crystals of light more

New cooperation between King Saud University and MPQ

New collaboration with scientists in the field of laser science. more

On the road to quantum world with spoke wheels

MPQ-scientists develop optomechanical system with extremely small dissipation which might enable the observation of quantum behaviour in tangible, mesoscopic objects. more

A precise astronomical speedometer

Quantum optical methods make it possible to detect extraterrestrial planets and predict the future of the universe. more

Quantum System mimics Quantum Magnet

MPQ scientists succeed in simulating a quantum magnet with the aid of trapped ions. more

Ultrafast Look into Atoms and Molecules

New record in ultrafast metrology: Physicists at MPQ and the LMU Munich are the first to produce light pulses lasting only 80 attoseconds. more

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