14:00 | Talk by Kirill Fedorov (TBA) Walther-Meißner-Institut (TUM), Garching 14:30 | Talk by Johannes Zeiher on "Quantum simulation and quantum computing with neutral-atom arrays"; Quantum Many Body Systems Division, MPQ [more]

“The quantum world of massive mechanical objects” (Prof. Yiwen Chu)

One of the first model systems we encounter in quantum mechanics class is a mass on a spring. However, in practice, it is not easy to observe a massive mechanical object exhibiting the quantum properties of a harmonic oscillator, such as zero-point fluctuations, energy quantization, or quantum superpositions. [more]

Search as (quantum) selforganized process (Prof. Giovanna Morigi)

Efficient retrieval of information is a core operation in the world wide web, it is essential for the sustainance fof living organism. Search dynamics, moreover, is a paradigm for optimization algorithms: Searches permeate our everyday life. Inspired by the food search dynamics of a living organism, the Physarum polycephalum, we analyse the role of noise in finding the optimal path on a graph with multiple constraints and where the weight of the edges connecting the nodes is a dynamical variable. [more]

“Deterministic single-photon and entanglement sources: fundamentals and applications” (Prof. Peter Lodahl)

to be announced soon [more]
to be announced soon [more]

"Quantum fluid dynamics of interacting photons" (Prof. Daniele Sanvitto)

to be announced soon [more]

“Ultracold RbCs molecules in magic traps and optical tweezers” (MCQST-Colloquium) (Prof. Simon Cornish)

Ultracold polar molecules are an exciting platform for quantum science and technology. The combination of rich internal structure of vibration and rotation, controllable long-range dipole-dipole interactions and strong coupling to applied electric and microwave fields has inspired many applications. These include quantum simulation of strongly interacting many-body systems, the study of quantum magnetism, quantum metrology and molecular clocks, quantum computation, precision tests of fundamental physics and the exploration of ultracold chemistry. Many of these applications require full quantum control of both the internal and motional degrees of freedom of the molecule at the single particle level. [more]

to be announced soon (MCQST-Colloquium) (Prof. Anders Søndberg Sørensen)

to be announced soon [more]
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