Advanced mass spectrometry and high content tissue imaging for single cell cancer proteomics (Prof. Matthias Mann)

  • Date: Jun 27, 2023
  • Time: 02:30 PM (Local Time Germany)
  • Speaker: Prof. Matthias Mann
  • Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, Martinsried
  • Location: Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics
  • Room: Herbert Walther Lecture Hall
Recent breakthroughs in high-content imaging, mass spectrometry-based proteomics and computational biology are transforming bioscience.

Our MS technology including the AlphaPept software suite enables large scale interactomics studies and single cell analysis for cellular heterogeneity in cancer. Finally, Deep Visual Proteomics combines high-content microscopy, AI-driven image recognition, and laser microdissection for personalized oncology.

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