+++ONLINE COLLOQUIUM+++Topological plasmonics: Ultrafast vector movies on the nanoscale (Prof. Harald Gießen)

  • (online)
  • Date: Jan 11, 2022
  • Time: 02:30 PM (Local Time Germany)
  • Speaker: Prof. Harald Gießen
  • 4th Physics Institute and Research Center SCoPE, University of Stuttgart
  • Location: +++ONLINE KOLLOQUIUM+++
We present an ultrafast vector microscope with 10 nm spatial and subfemtosecond temporal resolution which is capable of mapping all three vector components of the electric field as well as the magnetic field of light on nanophotonic structures.

As first application, we record and analyze the temporal evolution of plasmonic skyrmions and the skyrmion number on a nanostructured gold surface.

Ultrafast vector imaging of plasmonic skyrmion dynamics with deep subwavelength resolution, T. Davis, D. Janoschka, P. Dreher, B. Frank, F. Meyer zu Heringdorf and H. Giessen, Science 368, eaba6415 (2020).
Revealing the subfemtosecond dynamics of orbital angular momentum in nanoplasmonic vortices, G. Spektor, D. Kilbane, A. Mahro, B. Frank, S. Ristok, L. Gal, P. Kahl, D. Podbiel, S. Mathias, H. Giessen, F. Meyer zu Heringdorf, M. Orenstein and M. Aeschlimann, Science 355, 1187 (2017).

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