60 years of the laser and the international day of light

On the 16th of May we celebrate three fundamentals of our science: laser, light and important ideas on quantum technologies

On the 16th of May we celebrate: the 60th anniversary of the laser, the international day of light - two fundamental elements of the science of Quantum Optics. Also this year we celebrate the 25th jubilee of the famous idea of Ignacio Cirac and Peter Zoller on how to build a quantum computer with ion traps - an epochal milestone for the second quantum revolution that followed after. Initially, we had a big celebration in mind, but the current circumstances do not allow to do so. In lightning speed we have come up with an alternative to celebrate online and are now happy to introduce the following program.

11th of May until 14th of May:

5pm CET: a series of lab tours at MPQ, broadcasted live on Instagram TV under @MaxPlanckQuantum

15th of May

5pm CET: Discussion of the two quantum thinkers Ignacio Cirac (Director of the Theory Group) and Flore Kunst (Postdoc researcher in the Theory Group) on their fascination about the quantum world, broadcasted live on Instagram TV under @MaxPlanckQuantum

16th of May

11am CET: The fundamentals of light - an introduction with Silke Stähler Schöpf from the Photonlab (approx. 45 minutes) - GERMAN only

12pm CET: Online Quiz part one

1pm CET: Lunch break

2pm CET: Talk from Immanuel Bloch about the endeavours of building a quantum simulator - ENGLISH only

3pm CET: Talk from Ignacio Cirac about quantum computers -  ENGLISH only

4pm CET: Talk from Ioachim Pupeza about the symphony of molecules -  ENGLISH only

5pm CET: Online Quiz part two

We broadcast the entire program live via our new MPQ Youtube channel which you can subscribe here:



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