Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities Officer

On a special mission: the equal opportunities officer

The Max Planck Society has a Central Equal Opportunities officer who ensures that the standard principles of equal opportunities in public administration are put into practice. The commissioner is not hampered by red tape and keeps in touch with the Max Planck Institutes where female employees select their own equal opportunities officer. These individuals are contacts for female members of staff in all matters of professional promotion and help to eliminate any discrimination. They "are involved in all personnel, organisational and social measures affecting equal opportunities for men and women, balancing of family and gainful employment, and protection against sexual harassment in the workplace".

The Central Equal Opportunities Commissioner and her local colleagues meet once a year for an exchange of views and experiences; external male and female consultants are invited to these conferences to give presentations on a broad range of subjects in equal opportunities policy, and to also report on developments in neighbouring countries in the European Research Area.

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