Information for Visitors

Information for Visitors

Would you like to find out more – first hand – about the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics? Perhaps you would like to take a look at the labs and talk directly to the scientists working there about their research projects?

If so, we would be happy to organize a tour for you. Groups of up to 30 people – delegations, physics students, school classes, but also any other interested persons – are most welcome.

A visit to the MPQ involves:

  • An introduction to the institute, covering its organisational structure, history and research topics. Duration: about 30 – 45 minutes
  • A tour through two or three labs guided by scientists who explain their experiments. Duration: about 90 minutes

Total duration: about two hours

Currently the following experiments can be viewed on the tour:

Division Experiment Duration
Attosecond Physics   Atomic „photography“ with attosecond pulses   ca. 45 minutes
Laser Spectroscopy  Laser frequency comb   ca. 30 minutes
  Hydrogen spectroscopy ca. 30 minutes
Quantum Dynamics  Cold polar molecules  ca. 30 minutes
  Bose Einstein Condensaten ca. 30 minutes
  Single Photon Server / Q-Gate ca. 30 minutes
  Photon pistol ca. 30 minutes
Quantum Many-Body Systems Optical lattices ca. 30 minutes
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