Publications of Hong-Hao Tu

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Journal Article
Liu, Z.-X.; Zhou, Y.; Tu, H.-H.; Wen, X.-G.; Ng, T.-K.: Gutzwiller projected wave functions in the fermionic theory of S=1 spin chains. Physical Review B 85 (19), 195144 (2012)
Journal Article
Tu, H.-H.; Orús, R.: Intermediate Haldane phase in spin-2 quantum chains with uniaxial anisotropy. Physical Review B 84 (14), 140407 (2011)
Journal Article
Cheng, M.; Tu, H.-H.: Majorana edge states in interacting two-chain ladders of fermions. Physical Review B 84 (9), 094503 (2011)
Journal Article
Orús, R.; Wei, T. C.; Tu, H. H.: Phase diagram of the SO(n) bilinear-biquadratic chain from many-body entanglement. Physical Review B 84 (6), 064409 (2011)
Journal Article
Tu, H. H.; Orús, R.: Effective Field Theory for the SO(n) Bilinear-Biquadratic Spin Chain. Physical Review Letters 107 (7), 077204 (2011)
Journal Article
Orús, R.; Tu, H.-H.: Entanglement and SU(n) symmetry in one-dimensional valence-bond solid states. Physical Review B 83 (20), 201101 (2011)
Journal Article
Tu, H.-H.; Sanz, M.: Exact renormalization in quantum spin chains. Physical Review B 82 (10), 104404 (2010)
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