Dr. Kasper Van Gasse

10.08.2020 - 10.08.2021
Ghent University, Department of Information Technology, Belgien

August 10, 2020
Dr. Kasper Van Gasse is visiting the Max-Planck Institute of Quantum Optics from August 10th 2020 to August 10th 2021. He is a guest of the Laser Spectroscopy Division.
In 2019 Kasper Van Gasse received a PhD in the Photonics Research Group at the University of Ghent - IMEC. Only five years earlier, in 2014, he was awarded the MSc in Technical Physics at the University of Ghent. Currently, Dr. Kasper Van Gasse is holding a junior postdoctoral fellowship at the FWO and within the scope of this fellowship he is researching the development of novel integrated mode-locked lasers for microwave photonics and spectroscopy.


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