upcomming colloquium talks

Archiv colloquium series summer term 2016

Entanglement of Complex Quantum Systems (Prof. N. Schuch)

Complex quantum systems exhibit a variety of unconventional phenomena, such as protected quantized edge currents or excitations with non-trivial statistics.  [more]

The device-independent scenario: a quantum information theory with black boxes (Prof. A. Acin)

Device-independent quantum information processing represents a new framework for quantum information applications in which devices are just seen as quantum black boxes processing classical information. [more]

Metasurfaces for Wavefront Shaping: High-performance Planar Photonic Components beyond Refractive and Diffractive Optics (Prof. F. Capasso)

The design of fundamental optical components such as lenses, gratings, and holograms has remained essentially unchanged for at least fifty years, relying on textbook refractive and diffractive optics. [more]

Synthetic gauge fields in synthetic dimensions: Magnetic crystals and chiral edge modes (Prof. R. Fazio)

Synthetic ladders realized with one-dimensional alkaline-earth(-like) fermionic gases and subject to a gauge field represent a promising environment for the investigation of quantum Hall physics with ultracold atoms. [more]

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