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Archiv colloquium series winter term 2015/2016

(Un-)decidable problems in quantum theory (Prof. M. Wolf)

In the talk I will review recent results on the (un-)decidability of problems in quantum many-body physics and quantum information theory. [more]

Novel ultra-fast and nanoscale opto-electronic phenomena in 2d material heterostructures (Prof. F. Koppens)

The optoelectronic response of two-dimensional (2D) crystals, such as graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), is currently subject to intensive investigations.  [more]

Physics beyond the standard model from molecules (Prof. W. Ubachs)

The spectrum of molecular hydrogen H2 can be measured in the laboratory to very high precision using advanced laser and molecular beam techniques, as well as frequency-comb based calibration. [more]

Sub-Cycle Quantum Physics (Prof. A. Leitenstorfer)

Recent progress in establishing an extreme time-domain approach to condensed-matter physics and quantum optics is presented. [more]

Simplex sigillum veri: Single atoms may settle quantum queries (Prof. P. Toschek)

Modern atomism evolved on the basis of observations of matter’s macroscopic features. [more]

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