Archiv colloquium series summer term 2015

There has been a long-standing quest to observe chemical reactions at low temperatures where reaction rates and pathways are governed by quantum mechanical effects or long range interactions. [more]
ESA's Planck mission is the third generation satellite to study the Cosmic Microwave Background. [more]
UV-irradiation by sun-light imposes a permanent menace to live on earth. UV-radiation causes serious loss of genetic information. [more]
Extensive research in Nano-optics over the last decade has made possible controlling optical fields on the nanometer scale. Such concentration of light, well below the limit of diffraction, opens plenty of new routes towards enhanced interaction with tiny amounts of matter down to the single molecule/atom level. [more]
Ultracold atoms on optical lattices form a versatile platform for studying many-body physics, with the potential of addressing some of the most important issues in strongly correlated matter. [more]
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