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Strongly correlated photons in arrays of nonlinear cavities (A. Le Boité)

In recent years, quantum fluids of light in nonlinear optical systems have attracted a considerable interest [1]. [more]

Extreme spectroscopies with semiconductors (Prof. M. Kira)

Spectroscopy with terahertz (THz) fields is rapidly developing into a highprecision instrument that is able to characterize and steer quantum processes in semiconductors. [more]

Emergent slow dynamics in quantum many-body systems (Prof. E. Demler)

I will discuss several cases where far out of equilibrium dynamics of many-body systems gives rise to emergent quasistationary states, that can be loosely termed as prethermalized. [more]

Non-local Adiabatic Response of a Localized System to Local Manipulations (Prof. S. Sondhi)

We examine the response of a system localized by disorder to a time dependent local perturbation which varies smoothly with a characteristic timescale τ. [more]

Information Lost and Information Regained - An overview of the black hole information paradox (A. Kidambi)

Black holes are one of the most mysterious concepts in physics and carry with them a large number of unsolved problems and counterintuitive results, none of which are more troubling than the information paradox. [more]

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