Prof. Dr. Immanuel Bloch
Quantum Many-Body Systems
Secretariat: Kristina Schuldt
Phone: +49 89 3 29 05 - 138

Prof. Dr. J. Ignacio Cirac
Secretariat: Andrea Kluth
Phone: +49 89 3 29 05 - 736

Prof. Dr. Ferenc Krausz
Attosecond Physics
Secretariat: Corin Abert
Phone: +49 89 3 29 05 - 612

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Rempe
Quantum Dynamics
Secretariat: Iris Schwaiger
Phone: +49 89 3 29 05 - 711

Emeritus Group Laser Spectroscopy:

Prof. Dr. Theodor W. Hänsch
Secretariat: Ingrid Hermann
Phone: +49 89 3 29 05 - 712

information for visiting scientists

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Guest program for short-term stays

In order to conduct independent, temporary restricted research projects at MPQ, PhD students and postdocs (non-EU nationals) can apply for a short-term stay at the institute.

PhD students can apply for a stay of max. 6 months, whereas postdocs can apply for a stay of max. 24 months. Project proposals in the framework of existing collaborations with MPQ are welcome. Applications, including a short project description, can be sent any time to any scientific division of MPQ. Please indicate “Guest program” as subject matter.

Participants of the guest program will be integrated in the young scientists’ program of the respective scientific division. The stay at the institute will be financed by stipends of the Max Planck Society.

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