upcomming colloquium talks

Archiv colloquium series winter term 2015/2016

Hundred years after general relativity: Was Einstein right? (Prof. M. Kramer)

Hundred years after General Relativity:  Was Einstein right? [more]

Highly efficient organic devices (Prof. K. Leo)

Organic semiconductors with conjugated electron system are currently intensively investigated for (opto-) electronics. [more]

It’s All About Water (Prof. P. Hamm)

Ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopy, and in particular its extension to multidimensional techniques, can tell us a lot about solvation dynamics, structural dynamics and energy transfer processes of solution phase molecular systems. [more]

Topological photonics with twisted resonators and braided circuits (Prof. J. Simon)

I will present recent work realizing topological phases of photons. [more]

Microscopy 2.0 (Prof. S. Chu)

There has been an explosion of new imaging technologies in biology that include photo-activation localization microscopy (PALM), stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM), and stimulated emission depletion (STED), structured illumination, and adaptive optics are revolutionizing optical microscopy. [more]

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