upcomming colloquium talks

Archiv colloquium series winter term 2015/2016

Quantum-information processing with solid-state single-photon sources (Prof. P. Lodahl)

We review the recent experimental progress on the use of quantum dots coupled to photonic-crystal waveguides [1]. [more]

New Perspectives on Quantum Simulation with Alkaline-Earth Atoms (Prof. A. Rey)

Understanding the behavior of interacting electrons in solids or liquids is at the heart of modern quantum science and necessary for technological advances. [more]

Quantum mechanics at macroscopic scales (Prof. M. Kasevich)

Quantum mechanics is a foundation of physics, chemistry and materials science.  Still, there is an ongoing debate about the emergence of the classical, macroscopic world from the well-understood microscopic world of quantum mechanics.  [more]

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