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Quantum Many-Body Systems
Secretariat: Kristina Schuldt
Phone:        +49 89 3 29 05 - 138

Secretariat: Andrea Kluth
Phone:        +49 89 3 29 05 - 736

Laser Spectroscopy
Secretariat: Ingrid Hermann
Phone:        +49 89 3 29 05 - 712

Attosecond Physics
Secretariat: Corin Abert
Phone:        +49 89 3 29 05 - 612

Quantum Dynamics
Secretariat: Iris Schwaiger
Phone:        +49 89 3 29 05 - 711

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On an irregular basis various Special Seminars take place at the MPQ. The seminars are organized by scientists of our divisions, administration or staff representatives.

The location will be announced with the event.


The quantum Zeno effect in a continuously monitored chain of qubits (Thomas Kiendl)

At the heart of quantum mechanics lies the fact that a measurement causes back-action on the system itself. [more]

Towards Ultracold Mixtures of Lithium and Cesium (Dr. A. Paris-Mandoki)

Ultracold mixtures hold the promise of understanding new phases of matter and collisions at very low energies. [more]

New physics with (ultra)cold diatomic molecules (Dr. S. Truppe)

Cold and ultracold molecules possess the potential to revolutionize physical chemistry and few-body physics, provide new techniques for probing new states of quantum matter, allow for precision measurements of both fundamental and applied interest and enable quantum simulations of condensed matter phenomena. [more]

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