Dr. Stephan Dürr
Stephan Dürr
Group Leader
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Prof. Dr. Thomas Udem
Thomas Udem
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Our series of Colloquium Talks takes place from October till January and from April till July, on Tuesdays, at 2:30 p.m., at MPQ’s Herbert Walther Lecture Hall.

Scientific organization of the talks: Dr. Stephan Dürr and Dr. Johannes Kofler


Testing Fundamental Symmetries and Searching for Dark Matter with Laser Spectroscopy and Magnetic Resonance (Prof. D. Budker)

further information will follow soon [more]

Optical Atomic Clocks: From Laboratory Experiments to International Time Keeping (Dr. H. Margolis)

Optical atomic clocks based on laser-cooled atoms or single trapped ions have made rapid progress over the past few years, with the most advanced now having reached levels of stability and uncertainty that significantly surpass the performance of caesium primary frequency standards. [more]

Are we quantum computers, or merely clever robots? (Prof. M. Fisher)

Of course quantum information processing is not possible in the warm wet brain. There is, however, one \loophole" - oered by nuclear spins - that must be closed before acknowledging that we are merely clever robots. [more]

Collective quantum dynamics: From information scrambling to thermalization (Prof. M. Knap)

further information will follow soon [more]

Quantum measurements with trapped ions (Prof. J. Home)

further information will follow soon [more]

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