Talks are held in the Herbert Walther Lecture Hall at MPQ and can additionally be attended online. Currently face masks are not mandatory at MPQ. It is recommended, however, to wear a mask during the Colloquium talk. Audiences not affiliated with the MPQ are also welcome.

Details on how to participate online are distributed via the mailing lists [wiss-mpq] and [Mpq-colloquium-stream]. To receive this information, please register using the attached link.

Scientific organization of the talks:  Dr. Stephan Dürr and Dr. Thomas Udem

Speaker: Prof. Eva Weig

A phononic frequency comb from a single resonantly driven nanomechanical mode (Prof. Eva Weig)

  • (likely in-person)
  • Date: Jun 28, 2022
  • Time: 02:30 PM
  • Speaker: Prof. Eva Weig
  • Technische Universität München
Doubly-clamped nanostring resonators excel as high Q nanomechanical systems enabling room temperature quality factors of several 100,000 in the 10 MHz eigenfrequency range. Dielectric transduction via electrically induced gradient fields provides an integrated control scheme while retaining the large mechanical quality factor. Dielectrically controlled nanostrings are an ideal testbed to explore a variety of dynamical phenomena ranging from multimode coupling to coherent control. Here I will focus on the nonlinear dynamics of a single, resonantly driven mode. [more]
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