+++ONLINE COLLOQUIUM+++ Infrared photon counting with superconducting nanowires (Prof. Robert Hadfield)

  • (online)
  • Date: Nov 30, 2021
  • Time: 14:30
  • Speaker: Prof. Robert Hadfield
  • James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Location: +++ONLINE TALK+++
A host of emerging 21st century technologies rely on the ability to detect single photons at infrared wavelengths. Photon counting is an essential tool in quantum optics experiments. Quantum key distribution allows secure communications over long distance fibre optic networks or even from ground to space.

Single photon LIDAR systems allow eye-safe imaging over long distances and remote sensing of greenhouse gases. My work focusses on high sensitivity and low noise single photon detection with superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors. I will present recent developments in materials, cryogenics and characterization for superconducting nanowire detectors and follow through into mid infrared photon counting applications.

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