In-person talks are held in the interim lecture hall B 0.32 at MPQ and can additionally be attended online. 3 G regulations apply and face masks must be worn. Audience not affiliated with MPQ are welcome.

Details on how to participate online are distributed via the mailing lists [wiss-mpq] and [Mpq-colloquium-stream]. To receive this information, please register using the adjacent link.

Scientific organization of the talks:  Dr. Stephan Dürr and Dr. Thomas Udem

Quantum computing and quantum optics with trapped ions (Prof. Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler)

(MCQST-Colloquium) (Prof. Markus Oberthaler)

The growing field of quantum science seeks to leverage features of quantum mechanics – like entanglement and superposition – to perform tasks that are impossible with classical resources alone. Impacting areas ranging from cybersecurity to measurement science, the field has seen tremendous activity in both the public and private sector, in fundamental and applied physics. Central to the quantum science program is developing methods to prepare, control, and detect objects that can host quantum information. [more]
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